What is this about anyway?

imageYesterday I confessed, that I want to be obsessed.

Alright… so this blog is about what, exactly? Just a girl’s attempt to try to be a better Christian?

No, that’s not it. Because it’s not about me. That would be too much pressure.

I’m going to attempt to permeate my surroundings, my thoughts, and my life with so much of God, like He calls me to do, and simply see what happens.

Then I will write about that.

I will paint about that.

I will live that.

The kind of life we’ve all been called to live, but somehow in the complete out-of-control chaos of the world we live in, we’ve lost sight of that. We’re too busy to read our Bible. We’re too preoccupied with ourselves to focus on others (confession… that is totally my weakness… an introvert to my core, I think out aspects of my life , things that have happened, things I want to happen, until there’s positively no room to think of others in a “how are they doing and how can I help” kind of way. This is a problem. This will be fixed throughout the course of this blog. I hope.)

So, simply… I’m giving it all to God.


I’m sure I’ll fall miserably at times.

But oh, how I expect to soar when He catches me.

Do you have to care about any of this? No. Of course not. Feel free to click the little x and keep on Facebooking like you were before  you found this. But, if you’ve read this far, my guess is that there’s a reason. Maybe you want to just watch me fail miserably when I do (and I will be honest when that happens)… but maybe I still have your attention because… you hear it, too.

The calm voice inside, telling you that this isn’t just a calling for some blogger named Stephanie. It’s a call for you too. The deepest call there is.

The only call that matters.

Can I take a moment and confess something to you? I’m scared. I don’t know where this will go. This will require openness and vulnerability, sharing scars and potentially losing friends…  But one thing I’ve learned since sharing a deeply personal story in my last blog, vulnerability attracts people. It helps people. It heals people.


So, let the healing begin.




One thought on “What is this about anyway?

  1. Abigail

    I was told to look up exactly this name of this blog today and low and behold there is ONE Christian blog ran by another introvert who’s also obsessed with HIM! :))) he is so great, can’t wait to see more stuff from you.. do you have a Youtube channel? or something else where you share stuff I’d love to follow you anywhere else I can. I’m going to be making a Christian based Youtube channel soon I’ll share it with ya if you’re interested 🙂 Hope your day was great and God bless! ❤ He's the best obsession, truly worthy of everything great especially our praise and love and devotion! Ttyl


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